Skeleton and Ghost by Nathaniel Dowell

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Skeleton and Ghost by Nathaniel Dowell is a book for children, appropriate for ages 3 and up.


Skeleton lies in his coffin, listening to the earthworms crawl, and longs to walk around outside. Unfortunately, he is stuck underground because he has a ghost. Then one day, he meets a sad little ghost who is looking for his mother and father. Skeleton his happy to help his new friend reunite with his family, and with his help, rises from his coffin and pokes his head out into the night sky. As the two journey together through the peaceful night in search of the little ghost’s family, a beautiful friendship is formed.


  • Sweet, positive characters who genuinely care for each other
  • Beautiful, colorful illustrations
  • No mischief or trickery
  • It is not an overtly Halloween story, but it is an option for those who prefer a “soft,” family-friendly Halloween for their children free of creepy elements. Honestly, the only creepy aspect of it is the fact that it is about a skeleton and a ghost.


  • Some may be uncomfortable with a book about a skeleton and a ghost.

Personal Thoughts

If you are a child at heart who loves Halloween but are not into the over-the-top creepy aspect of it, or if you are looking for a book to share with an important child in your life, this is the book for you. This is a simple, sweet story about two characters that happen to be a ghost and a skeleton. I found the writing enchanting and the illustrations were gorgeous creations by the author himself. This is the perfect book for you to enjoy with your child, little sibling, niece, nephew, or friend.

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Jessica Dowell
Jessica Dowell is a middle school teacher. She enjoys reading and promoting great stories, especially fantasy and historical fiction. She is a history buff, a movie aficionado, and a crochet queen. Jessica lives in Texas with her husband and writes stories of her own.

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