Rating System


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5 Star

This is an outstanding book. It contains only suitable material for its intended age group. You may want a print copy for your bookshelf, and you may buy one for a friend.

4 Star

This is an excellent book. It doesn’t quite rate five stars (for the reasons stated), but it’s perfect for its intended age group. You will probably re-read it, and you will recommend it to friends.

3 Star

This book is average. It’s a decent read, but you probably won’t read it again. If someone asks, you will admit that you read it, but you might give your friend the low-down about either the writing or the content.

2 Star

This book is not recommended, either due to poor writing quality or objectionable content (or both). You are sorry you spent the time, and you will warn your friends.

1 Star

This is a poor excuse for a book. You may rant about it to random strangers.