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It’s Addicting by Laura L. Smith is the third book in the Status Updates series, suitable for ages sixteen and up. Check out Kathrese McKee’s review of the series’ first bookIt’s Complicated, and my review of the second installment, It’s Over. Again, I’m placing book #3 in both the Young Adult and New Adult categories.


Obsessing over status, grades, exercise or a boyfriend could never become an addiction…could it? The third installment of the Status Updates series finds four college sophomore roommates finally getting comfy with the routines of dorm life. But Kat, Claire, Palmer, and Hannah soon begin to feel the nagging ache of innocent addictions pulling them away from their true selves. Hang out with these four roomies to see if they can–or even want to–ditch these sneaky little hang-ups before they take over their lives.


  • As I gushed about in the review of It’s Over, this is Christian New Adult. Proof positive that New Adult fiction can (and should!) be so much more than sexed-up YA. Kudos to Laura L. Smith for taking on the nay-sayers and creating a realisitic NA series that is clean.
  • The real world greets the roommates as each branches out into her own niche. THE REAL WORLD. No sanitized Christian fiction here. Yet nothing explicit, excessive, or gratuitous, either.
  • I liked how the roomies depended on each other, but each moved forward pursuing their unique talents and interest, going in different directions but remaining solid friends.
  • About that friendship. It wouldn’t be “real life” if potholes didn’t spring up along the friendship journey. They do but no spoilers here.
  • They faced realistic “addictions”. The kind every college student will stumble upon. The true power of fiction is revealed when readers see themselves between the covers of a book and find hope and inspiration for tackling their own life issues. It’s Addicting hits that mark.


  • If situations involving alcohol concern you, be alerted underage drinking occurs. But it is in no way gratuitous or excessive. Rather, it’s extremely reality-based and fitting to the story. Actually, to me this is a “pro” rather than a “con”. The temptation to drink is HUGE for college-aged kids. What a perfect opportunity for parents and and heading-to-college teenagers to discuss this issue together.

Personal thoughts:

This was my favorite of the series so far. I’m a huge fan of realistic contemporary Christian YA/NA fiction because I believe in the power of story to transform lives. As noted on her website, Laura writes “real stories for real girls”. And that she does. Way to go, Laura! Will there be a book #4 in the Status Updates Series? My vote–if I get one–is YES.

Discussion questions:

  • Which of the addictions the girls faced can you most identify with?
  • Which issue do you think you would be/are the most vulnerable to?
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